Condominium Corporation Membership (View List)

Condominium directors have a substantial responsibility to govern and manage their corporation properly and effectively. They are called upon each day to make prudent and effective business decisions that affect the lives of all residents in their corporation. Directors need not feel they are alone. Through membership in CCI, the entire condominium benefits from education and information as well as the experience of hundreds of directors and professionals.

All owners of a member corporation are eligible to receive member discounts to Chapter events. They also have password-protected access to the “Members Only” section of the CCI-National website, which holds a legal case library, the “Rooftop” Forum, and valuable resources. The Corporation also will receive the CCI-National and New Brunswick Newsletters, which are accessible to all owners through your board.

Annual fee: $150.00.  (Click to see our Brochure)

Individual Membership

Individual memberships shall be limited to any owner or occupant of a condominium and any other person other than a person who would qualify as professional member interested in furthering their knowledge about condominium ownership. Unit owners can become members of their own even though their corporation chose not to be. In this case only these individuals will benefit from the discounted access to our events.

Annual fee: $75.00.

Professional Membership (View list)

Professionals who are individuals practising in the condominium field join the CCI to share information with others in the industry and to share their experiences with condominium owners. Professionals from the areas of condominium law, property management, accounting, engineering, real estate, and insurance become members of the organization working for and supporting the condominium industry.

A professional member also has the opportunity to be a source of education and knowledge to members by acting as a speaker for seminars throughout the year.

Annual fee: $150.00. (Click to see our Brochure)

Business Partners Membership (View list)

This classification is available to companies who are suppliers that service the condominium industry. This membership allows them to participate in educational programs and seminars, advertise in both the New Brunswick Newsletter and CCI-National’s quarterly newsletter. Frequently, Trade members are called upon to lend their assistance and expertise to the ongoing well-being of all of the condominium clients in seminars and conferences. Employees of companies who are members will enjoy the member-rate at chapter events, and the company will receive a copy of the chapter and national newsletters to share amongst the employees. 

Annual fee: $150.00. (Click to see our Brochure)

To become a member: simply download our 2 page fillable Application Form (PDF). Page 1 for Condo Corp and individuals. Page 2 is for Professionals and Business Partners. Fill it accordingly, print it and mail your completed application along with a cheque for the required fee to the address indicated on the CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM