Lorne Young Award - CCI New Brunswick Chapter

Posted on Thursday, November 15 2018

Tier One- National Chapter of the Year - CCI New Brunswick Chapter

Each year CCI chapters compete for the "Lorne Young National Chapter of the Year" distinction. The award goes to the chapter providing the most benefit to its members and exceeds the minimum requirements in all areas of chapter re-certification requirements. Based on the numbers of members the chapters are identified in two categories and each have a mandate to carry:

Tier One - is for the smaller Chapters
Tier Two - for the larger Chapters - Congratulation for the Grand River Chapter from Ontario

As your President, I was honoured to accept this prestigious award on behalf of CCI-NB, at the National Leader's Fall Forum in London, ON, last week.

As a Chapter, we are proud of our accomplishments and it is with pride that this work has been recognized by our National Body.

Without your support and participation, this Award would not have been achieved.

Thank you to the CCI Board of Directors and our membership for moving our Chapter forward.
Following are the details used by National Executives to select your Chapter:
• Has added the most innovations,
• Charging for seminars (a risky step),
• New web appearance and reaching out to members for input/direction.
• They had a small membership increase and laying a good foundation for the future.
• They have held a large number of seminars, suggesting real dedication amongst the core membership for outreach and service.