CCI New Brunswick private website 

Hello CCI-NB members!

We are excited to provide you with a unique tool to help increase communication and awareness amongst our membership!

Our new GeniePad website provides unique and interactive features that allows you to be involved in our community. You will have access to different types of communications such as news, a discussion forum where you can share information and various CCI related documents. Another great feature of this interactive website will be available to you 24/7!

Here are some new and exciting features available upon registering:

1. News - Where we will share announcements such as events and activities happening in our Chapter. We may also share information or news events concerning condominiums from other news media sources like CBC, Radio-Canada and many more. (Public)

2. Documents - A convenient way to access various documents such as policies, bylaws, forms and our bi-annual Newsletter. (Registered members ONLY)

3. Message Forum - You and your CCI-NB Board may easily post messages for quick and effective communication with all condo corporations and their owners. Once a message is posted, all GeniePad's registered members will automatically be notified by the GeniePad's email system. Any response and feedback to your message will also be shared with everyone. (Registered members ONLY)

4. Contact - This is your direct contact to your provincial CCI-NB Board of Directors. An email will be sent to all board members simultaneously. (Registered members ONLY)

5. Access - To gain access you will be required to provide a personal email address and fill-in your profile information. Once you do a message will be sent to our administrator and you will be assigned a status. An email from GeniePad will confirm your acceptance. (Registered members ONLY)

6. Non-registered members and the public - May view limited information from our website under the following tabs:

  • News
  • Membership information
  • About us
  • Some Forms
  • All our newsletters
  • Other links
  • Upcoming events